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By Cole Dudley. Originally published on, which is now acquired and merged with

FAQ | Coldforge

  1. How much will this case cost?

  2. Where can I buy the case?

  3. What the dimensions and features of this case?

  4. What is the form factor? ATX? mATX? AT?

  5. How many fans can the case hold?

  6. What colors are available for the custom anodizing?

  7. How many pieces make up a case?

  8. Does it cost extra to have the case anodized? Does it cost less to have it not anodized?

  9. How many slots are available for mounting of ISA/PCI/AGP/CNR cards?

  10. Is it easy to cut if I want to modify?

  11. Do I need to worry about insulation?

  12. Does it come with LED's, switches, if so, what colors and styles?

  13. What'ss so special about this case?

  14. Estimated Shipping Date(s)?

  15. Do you have pictures? Drawings? Anything I can look at for reference?

  16. Can I get custom blowholes done?

  17. How thick is the aluminum exactly?

  18. Can I get extra additions to the case such as extra drive bays?

  19. How many fans, will there be grills included?

  20. Is this material scratch resistant? Does it have a protective coating (taken straight from the OCP forums as a copy, so ignore the horrible formatting on this answer) -

  21. Will there be logo's denoting the case's manufacturer?

  22. Are you going to offer the re-anodizing service?

  23. Will others custom modify this case for me?

  24. Because of the anodized finish, will I need special tools to cut the material for modifications?

  25. How much will the case weigh?

  26. How many cutouts for LED's?

  27. Will it have feet?

  28. Will the front of the case be plastic?

  29. What is the name of the Case? Who won?

  30. What about this LAN Case?

  31. Can I see samples of Anodizing?

  32. Are you going to produce a 'Mid-Tower' or a 'Full-Tower'?

  33. Future Questions Here-

01.  Q. How much will this case cost?

A. Cole: Estimations are ~300 USD as of June 3rd. There will be a few optional features to choose from, therefore making the price either higher or lower. Many people have asked about cheaper options and ways to get their out the door price lower. I'll cover all of this in various questions throughout the FAQ as those questions deal more with this topic.

We have gotten quite a bit of response dealing with the high price of this case. We will not lie, this case will cost us $270 to manufacture, so we are selling it at a much lower markup than any other company would - we have our reasons for this, but choose not to get into that right now.

As expected, many people will compare the Coldforge to the Lian Li and Coolermaster cases. Our take on this, is that the other cases do not compare feature-wise, nor quality wise. They can not beat us in price either - for what you get. Take a $160 Lian Li, add a 330W Enermax Whisper Power Supply, then find someone to custom anodize it for you. Ask any person that owns a Lian Li to tell you what the bill is; chances are it will cost $350-$400 for the PS + Anodizing. Then, what do you have? A case with about half the features of the Coldforge, for $100. Not to mention the Lian Li's can fit inside the Coldforge. We may sound cocky, but our product backs us up.

02.  Q. Where can I buy the case?

A. Cole: Currently Cole Dudley, owner of CaseEtc is the sole seller for this case (and the future case for that matter). By doing this, I don't have to track down sales from various sources and go through all the hassle of trying to stock many different places with product. Cole has a wonderful website put together already that heavily compliments my case. Together we have a wonderful combination because we offer you, the consumer a one stop shop for all your products. You can get the case and optional items that you will need and want all in one place, it works out really well and I'm sure everyone will be very happy with the results of this. OEM type orders of 25+ cases can be handled directly through myself as I will work on a 30 days credit system with you instead of having you charge a credit card with 5-6K dollars worth of cases + accessories. The requirements for credit establishment for OEM's will be handled privately by me and you can request that information should you so desire. Once again for clarification the website to order will be will also sell the Coldforge.

03.  Q. What the dimensions and features of this case?

A. Cole:This is a long long list, but here we go:

Dimensions: 14"W X 26"H X 20"D (larger than most towers out there by a good few inches in all directions)

All Aluminum Alloys - 3003/5052 material. For detailed information on these two materials properties you can visit and search for those two material numbers, it'll give you all the technical info you could possibly want. If there are multiple material types listed the full material #'s are

3003-0 and 5052-H32

Removable motherboard tray, removable 3.5" Internal bay, to facilitate mounting of harddrives.

Modular design, to allow you to modify the case without having to destroy it to get something done on it. If you want to mod the facing, remove the facing, do your thing to it and re-attach it. By doing this you limit the possibility of errors on your part because you don't have to work on a vertical plane you can lay the part down and work on a horizontal plane, giving the case support and making your life a lot easier.

Drive Bays - 2 * 3.5 Externals, 5 * 5.25 Externals and 6 * 3.5 Internals. All bays will allow for moutning of 1-1.6"H drives without clearance issues. So essentially you have 8-9 3.5" Internals. I don't advertise this as such, because I don't want the competition to get overly jealous because I beat them at their own game :-).

330W Power Supply. Enermax Whisper Series..

The dual PS option is out but there are ways around this easily should you desire this for yourself. There is plenty of room in the rear for an additional cutout.

4 * 120mm intake fans, mounted low in the front, with custom filter section to keep the inside of your beautiful case clean. 2-3 120mm exhaust fans

Custom anodized coloring to suit your wants and desires. Check out this page for more information.

04.  Q. What is the form factor? ATX? mATX? AT?

A. Cole: Well actually, none of the above. Its WTX (see for further information on the wtx spec). This is the new standard being pushed for server usage. It has many benefits over ATX and its relative designs. First and foremost, the motherboard is rotated 180 degrees to move the AGP slot above the CPU and not below it in regards to layout in the case. This keeps the hottest component in the newer systems away from the CPU. The AGP video cards we are seeing are geting larger, and hotter, and the heat they draft up on to the CPU directly affects its performance and makes it necessary to excessivly cool the CPU to get rid of this heat soak effect that the AGP cards have on the CPU when in an ATX design.

The WTX standard is backward compatible with ATX motherboards, so you don't have to purchaes a new motherboard to use this case. Holes are properly allocated in the motherboard tray for WTX/ATX/mATX motherboards. All of them should work just fine as long as they are ATX compliant motherboards (and 99.99% of them are, so you really should have nothing to worry about in the regard). This coupled with the fact that you have the opportunity for massive expansion inside this case, it could literally be the last case you'd ever have to buy.

05.  Q. How many fans can the case hold?

A. Cole: 6-7 120mm fans. This allows for approximately 700-800CFM of airflow using quality 120mm fans (Panaflo's preferred here, as you can get them directly from CaseEtc and save yourself a lot of headache). IF you should so desire to have more fan options, there is a limitless amount of room you can place them in the case and cut holes as you please. Being aluminum alloys, they are fairly easy to cut compared to steel alloys, that coupled with the fact, that if something does go wrong in your modifications I can provide you a replacement part @ cost to me, then you're covered two-fold in case something goes wrong, or you're dissatisfied with the addition of another fan.

06.  Q. What colors are available for the custom anodizing?

A. Cole: Currently our stock colors are: Red/Blue/Gold/Clear (aluminum tone, no dye here)/Black/Copper/Turqouise and more will be added eventually to the stock list. Custom dye colors can be requested, there will be an additional 1-2 week wait for your case, to allow us time to setup a tank and pipe it for the process and receive the dye and charge the tank with the dye. The additional cost will be 15 per case, NOT per color. This isn't bad considering most dyes range from 30-60USD/per lb and it takes 3-5lbs to setup a tank, so we invest around 100-300 dollars at least for a color, you invest 15 total and you get your desired coloration.

For those "custom" colors that are commonly requested, we will convert these colors over to stock after awhile and the additional cost will be eliminated to you. For OEM orders of 25+ cases, if you want custom color schemes we will discuss this seperatly as the options stated above won't really apply in that regard.

07.  Q. How many pieces make up a case?

A. Cole: About 8 total, motherboard tray, c-shaped exterior, right side door, face, face cover, rear, ps mount, drive cages. The 5.25 drive cage will be permanently attached to the case, the 3.5" internal will be removable and the 3.5" Ext will be permanent. Currently for the initial 3 prototypes I have due to me in November I am going to attach the cases with screws and see how this works out. If it doesn't, the cases will be riveted as much as possible to eliminate vibration and other possible downsides to screws. If there are no downsides, we may still opt to rivet the face to the top and side to help with costs. Other than that the case can literally be broken down to separate parts and worked with in that regard.

Note: I have to check with Stiltner on this one, but I'm thinking there are close to 25 different parts at this point.

08.  Q. Does it cost extra to have the case anodized? Does it cost less to have it not anodized?

A. Cole: The only additional costs for anodizing would be if you opted for custom colors, other than that, no, as its standard on the case. Does it cost less to have it not anodized? Well, let me put it this way. I, being an anodizer first and foremost understand the benefits that anodizing has on aluminum, and what it brings to the table for it. If you like the look of the bare material, opt instead for a clear anodized finish.

This will keep your case lasting a lot longer; it will make it scratch resistant magnitudes over the bare material. But you can still retain that bare aluminum look w/o the bare aluminum hassles. I can go over a list longer than most people's arms and legs combined as to the benefits of anodizing. But maybe I'm a bias source. But then again, I do get paid for being the knowledge person @ J&J Plating, and I've done my homework. If you still opt for no finish, I'll knock off 15 dollars from the cost, as that is the cost to anodize for me.

As far as custom mechanical finishes go, such as polishing, buffing, brushed and time-saved finishes go. It wasn't worth it, cost wise to make any of these standards. And at this time, none of them are available. I am trying to setup a chemical polish system for the cases, but I can't keep a line up for just these, so I'm attempting to get business to help fill the tanks and keep the line profitable, and thereby keeping the finish around for you guys. If I can manage this, the cost will be reasonable, very reasonable, and cheaper than custom colors honestly. Figure 7-10 dollars to have it chemically polished w/ anodizing over it, and yes you can do bright + color anodize finishes. At this time, you cannot get the bright work done from me, but you can, should you opt, polish this material fairly easy by using a standard bench grinder/polisher available at your local Sears and Home Depot and what have you. Use a soft cloth and some polishing compound (tripoli is what you want, otherwise known as jewelers rouge, its a finishing polish and it WILL NOT harm the anodized finish, it will brighten it up to a very large degree). So even if I can't offer you the option, it is possible to have the case colored your way, and THEN polish it. I know it works, I've done this myself many times, just take your time, be semi-gentle and you'll have no problems.

09.  Q. How many slots are available for mounting of ISA/PCI/AGP/CNR cards?

A. Cole: 9 to be exact, in any combo you'd like from that above list. 9 is plenty more than most motherboards have. At the max I have seen 6 PCI, 1 AGP and maybe 1 CNR. There is also the Flex I/O slot from the WTX standard that allows for further expansion of PS2, USB, parallel, maybe built in sound and other options. That comes on a separate adapter plate from the motherboard mfg., currently the few WTX motherboards available range from about 800-4500 for a setup, so its not worth it to explore at this time.

10.  Q. Is it easy to cut if I want to modify?

A. Cole: Yes and no, aluminum is a very soft material on the scale of hardness measurements, but, aluminum oxide is not, and that is what anodize is. Its basically a trial and error system. I will attempt to work with a few different tools before I ship the cases and give everyone an idea of which works best and why and show you the ones I decided to hack up and play with :-)

11.  Q. Do I need to worry about insulation?

A. Cole: Insulation in what regards? Sound? Electrical? Sound insulation is all up to you, my guess is, with proper fastening of the case together, you won't have any issues with sound problems. If you do you can use rubber washers and gaskets to cut down on vibrations and sound reduction at the same time. If after I get the prototypes I find this to be necessary, then I will include with the case an adequate amount of washers to allow you to do this.

6-7 120mm fans will move a lot of air and in return, a lot of noise too, but if done properly there really should be no issue with this.

Electrical insulation? Already got that covered :-). Anodizing is electrically insulating, stray electrical currents and EMI interference should be very low, if any at all, considering none of the case itself will conduct this sort of interference. Anything that would, would be stopped immediately by the cut off from the anodizing. This is just by going with the term EMI = Electro Magnetic Interference. Anodized aluminum neither conducts electricity, nor is magnetic (no aluminum is, at least not in an unaltered state). If you feel that your problems may be caused by EMI then I suggest re-seating the motherboard and card(s) to make sure they have proper fit and alignment. If after doing this you still experience problems, contact me directly and we'll work out a solution to the problem (and its best to do this by phone, to allow for quicker response times and hence quicker solutions)

12.  Q. Does it come with LED's, switches, if so, what colors and styles?

A. Cole: LED's yes, what colors? I'm debating this myself right now. Blue, while they look very nice and are very popular at this time, are also very expensive and if you really have no desire for them, there is no sense in putting in unnecessary costs into the case. Red/Green/Yellow/Clear LED's can be had for pennies compared to the dollars for Blue LED's. I may just go with the standard colors and if you desire blue, you can get them from a source and just pop in the replacement for the standard color.

Switches: Power and reset. I've been also debating this, as I think a flip switch would be nice, but a push button switch would be nice also. I'll wait on this till I get the prototypes, and see what I can do with them in this regard.

13.  Q. What's so special about this case?

A. Cole:Ummm...see the specs question, 'nuff said. If you still don't think that's a good enough reason, there are many more, but maybe I'm bias, ask others what their opinion is on this design, see what they have to say.

14.  Q. Estimated Shipping Date(s)?

A. I am now afraid to post an estimated shipping date. Every time the manufacturer gives us one, they come up with a lame excuse and say '6 weeks'. We are damn tired of hearing '6 weeks' and are shopping around for new manufacturers. The case WILL eventually be able to buy, and we have had quite a few secret preorders. We will accept more preorders once we get a date that is set in stone.

15.  Q. Do you have pictures? Drawings? Anything I can look at for reference?

A. As incapable as I am at website design, I have done my best to provide you at least some insight into the case and its design. This can be grabbed from me @ This is a self extracting RAR archive. On the website there is an AutoCAD file viewer, I suggest you use this as it will allow for zooming around the case for up close looks at it. Here are the links to some pictures of the case itself. Most of these pics are shots of the prototype, so there will be some changes before the release.

16.  Q. Can I get custom blowholes done?

A. In one word, no. I do not have access to machining tools of any sort, so I cannot modify your cases for you. That, and the subsequent work on it, has to be done by you personally. If I did all the work for you, what fun would it be right?

17.  Q. How thick is the aluminum exactly?

A. .060 material - or 1/16" thick if not mistaken (I lost my conversion software but I'm pretty sure its 1/16. For sure its .060, no matter what it converts out to). While this is not overly thick. It doesn't have to be considering the strength to weight ration aluminum has, there should be no issues with the thickness.

18.  Q. Can I get extra additions to the case such as extra drive bays?

A. Cole: With all honesty, if you can fill 13 1.6"H drive bays, then you have too much stuff :-) Remember, you can put up to 8 1"H 3.5" drives in this case, it would easily allow for a very large sized RAID setup to take place inside the case and not require a separate enclosure to do so.

There are no additional options available at this time because of cost constraints, if I can find a way to make something at a reasonable cost for an additional PS mount or what have you, I will and let everyone know about it.

19.  Q. How many fans, will there be grills included?

A. Cole: Wow a FAQ type question inside of a FAQ :-)

Anyway, to re-assure everyone, there are at least 6, possibly 7 120mm holes, there will only be grills provided for the back, if any at all. Are fans included? In 1 word, nope. Caseetc is the source for fans. Cole buys the fans in bulk and has really good pricing on them. Your best bet is to get them from them. I cannot overextend myself into things that I have no control over, such as fan sales and that stuff. I cannot warrant buying 5-6K fans if you already have 3-4 you're gonna use. Because in the end, I lose money for having stock that goes nowhere. It just isn't a wise decision for me to stock fans and add them into the case. Cole and can handle your fan needs. I will provide the guards for the exhaust, the intake need none as they have a cover over them.

20.  Q. Is this material scratch resistant? Does it have a protective coating (taken straight from the OCP forums as a copy, so ignore the horrible formatting on this answer) -

A. Cole: Unfinished, the material is NOT scratch resistant, bare aluminum is very soft material, that will scratch in a heartbeat.

Anodized, it has that scratch resistant, protective coating.

Anodize is for the technical ones out there. A .0007-.001 thick aluminum oxide layer. The layer is formed by conversion of the base material to an aluminum oxide formation. This layer is thick, durable, and has the ability to be dyed any rainbow of colors. If you take your keys and go over the material, you can scratch the coloring, but you will not damage the anodized layer completely. And the benefit of aluminum is, if you did have a bare area, the material is capable of reforming this oxide layer on its own, its very very thin compared to anodized layers (somewhere around .000003) but its still there to help protect itself.

Aluminum Oxide is NOT easy stuff to cut through, I have guys that machine for a living, and they have to use diamond carbide tipped cutting tools to get through the anodize layer (this is mostly on hard coat anodize which is .001-.004 in thickness, but the same basic rules apply to both things). Most times they opt to let me strip the layer off before they do machine work on a part for rework.

BTW- I do not suggest anyone take their keys to their case to test my theory, it will damage the dyed layer and you'll have a crap looking section of the case, just to prove a point. Take my word on it. It's more durable than tool steel, and 2nd only to diamonds in its hardness ratings. But because it is so thin, it can be damaged IF you want to damage it. Normal wear and tear, you probably won't bother the thing 1 bit. Slide a drive in and out of it, screw things in and against it, you won't hurt anything there.

Now if you cut it, you may have areas around the hole where it can chip (this is completely normal, so don't be surprised if you do cut another hole in it and it does this). Its just a fact of the matter. If you do do this, and you don't like the finish, lemme know we'll work something out to fix it up for you.

21.  Q. Will there be logo's denoting the case's manufacturer?

A. Cole: Negative. - While it'd be nice and cool to have a logo of the case portion of my company emblazoned all over your case, you're paying for it, and I don't expect any of you to carry around my advertisement in the form of your case. Its yours for a reason and I'm not going to bastardize it by doing this. I may get a hold of djohn (Doug, many of you know him) about making me some badges, but I have no place on the case set aside for a badge, but I suppose you could mount it about anywhere then :-). Or maybe spell your name in case badges (give Doug a lot of business; he's a stand-up guy and a very nice man to chat with).

22.  Q. Are you going to offer the re-anodizing service?

A. Cole: Ah, I almost forgot about this:

Yes, and for 25.00, you, and your case are official "mod squad" supporters. You'll get the luxury of having your case anodized up to 2 times in a 1 year (from the date of purchase) period of time without any additional costs except shipping to and fro. If you plan on possibly changing colors on your case within this 1 year period, I HIGHLY suggest you opt for this as it will save you big dollars in the long run. Along with the fact that I'm going to reserve future special offers for you guys. For example, when the LAN case is ready, you'd actually get a discount on the purchase of one of these for signing up for the mod squad. So if it sold for 150 (this is just for demonstration purposes here) you'd save a few dollars, not a lot, but it helps defray a little of the costs to you for the entrance into the club. By doing this you save around 50% at least by paying ahead of time for your re-anodizing services, because you lock in a price with me at these current costs. The metal finishing industry is a very very tight market, but its also a very expensive and sometimes out of control cost wise one. By going with this option now, as laid out here, you insure yourself from any price increases that may occur with my costs of anodizing. I have had to raise prices about 10% in the past two years and further government regulations are coming in October and this could drive up costs through the roof for me, but if you purchase the contract for this cost, you avoid any increases.

And I'm not gonna try and make this sound fake, this does also help me pay for the upfront costs right now, saving myself money also in fees and interest, while defraying the cost of doing the business to a later time.

23.  Q. Will others custom modify this case for me?

A. Cole: I'm sure there are many users on the HardOCP forums that would be happy to help you out with modifying the case should you feel uncomfortable doing it yourself. I'm always available for input as far as cutting options and what would best suit you and the case to allow things to go as smoothly as possible. If this comes up in the future and someone out there wants to take on the task of custom modifying the cases for the users, let me know, I'd be happy to add your name here and give you a little blurb on the website and other places I feel that those people that want to mod, without doing it themselves would benefit you. As far as costs for this stuff goes, that's entirely up to you guys if you opt to do such a thing. You charge what you deem a reasonable fee for your services, or do it free, its up to you and your new found client :)

24.  Q. Because of the anodized finish, will I need special tools to cut the material for modifications?

A. Cole: I am looking into this myself, I am going to get some 12 X 12 panels and do them in black, and use a rotozip with an aluminum cutting tool on it and see how it works. If all goes well and chipping of the finish is nil or very minimum then I'll report on this, and if someone has access to other tools, Dremel and what not, let me know, I'll ship you a few 12 x 12 panels and you can test out the various tools from them and report back to me.

25.  Q. How much will the case weigh?

A. Cole: Hrrrm, depends on your options, without the PS it should be under 10-12lbs, with the PS, probably around 17-19 lbs. Very light considering its size. Here is the math for material weight for 3003 and 5052:

3003 - .098lbs/inch^3 . So if you had 500 inches ^3 you'd essentially have around 50 lbs.

5052 - .096lbs/inch^3 Here if you had the same, you'd have around 49-50lbs total weight of the material.

Since there is nowhere near 500ci, you get the point though considering the example and the math.

26.  Q. How many cutouts for LED's?

A. Cole: Damn, I honestly forget :-) Five I do believe (its 3:30AM folks, bear with me here).

1 for the power and 4 for HD's, I do believe that's how I figured. But then again, you could always use the LED for anything you wanted I suppose. I mean maybe you guys out there could figure out a way to make a lighted warning alarm for a fan or something? Most of you are more skilled than I am with electronics. If you have extra's, use your imagination.

27.  Q. Will it have feet?

A. Cole: Actually, yes it will, they aren't large, they'll raise the case about 1/4" off of a desk, but enough so that it isn't sitting directly on the ground. There are little feet stamped out of the bottom of the case that allow this, and with a drill and some bolt type casters, you can add those without much problem.

28.  Q. Will the front of the case be plastic?

A. Cole: Ewwwww....plastic = bad :)

All Aluminum Alloys. The only thing that might not be...screws and the I/O shields for the slot cutouts. Other than that, the case is completely aluminum. The screws might be nickel plated along with the slot covers. Why you ask? Cost, its cheaper to buy these things blanked out for me, than it is to have them made from aluminum and they don't look 1/2 bad either in my opinion. Just a way for me to lower the out the door costs to you guys and keep the price reasonable.

29.  Q. What is the name of the Case? Who won?

A. Cole: Taken from the website:

1st and 2nd place have been awarded a free case customized by us to their liking. The 3rd and 4th place spots have won a set of aluminum thumbscrews also colored their choice.

Here are the winners and their submissions:

4th place - Fortis - Spanish for strong, submitted by Joseph May.

3rd place - Jupiter GRS-7120 - References to Jupiter, the GRS is the Great Red Spot. Probably had THE single most impressive explanation for all of the responses I got, very nice job and big time props to Rolyn Abugan. (This was my initial choice for 2nd place it got displaced by the current #2).

2nd Place - Himilay - Name of a Caribbean goddess of beauty, those that looked upon her were incapable of looking away. Her beauty was unique and incredible. I loved this one, and that's why its gonna be the name of the LAN case. Its a can't miss in my eyes, good job and credit goes to: Eduardo Riera...nice job Eduardo I loved the submission.

And the “Grand Prize winner, and person capable of saying, YES, I was the inventor of the name for that beautiful design is:

Coldforge AA-15

Its so simple in its meaning and reference, yet it covers so many bases with and is a wonderful compliment to the product itself. Big time thanks goes out to Justin Bukowski.

I picked the Coldforge name because of its obvious references to aluminum processing via the cold forged process. But I also took into consideration the many other things it can signify. Cold = Cool, signifying the incredible airflow potential of the design. Cool = Nice looking, impressive, etc. etc.

The case will be called the Faraday Cases Coldforge AA-15. We are designing a LAN/Midtower Case which will probably adapt the same type of naming. For example - Faraday Cases Himilay AA-15LAN or something to that extent.

30.  Q. What about this LAN Case?

A. Cole: In the Hard|OCP forum we have discussed a yet to be version of the aluminum case. We would like to make it a small LAN case, but others prefer a mid-tower. To voice your opinion, check out these two threads.

"Stiltner's Next Case" started by Cole_3d "My LAN Sized Case - Need everyone's input" started by Stiltner

The thread started by Stiltner has a ton of posts, and a lot of information. The one that I (cole) started is newer, and was made to revamp the idea.

31.  Q. Can I see samples of Anodizing?

A. Yeah, we have a page at the Casedesign site with some anodized nozzles...very nice. Also, contact Stiltner and you may be able to get some anodized screws for an example.

32.  Q. Are you going to produce a 'Mid-Tower' or a 'Full-Tower'?

A. Well of course we will. Currently, Cole is the one working on the design of this mid-tower. We are basing it around the best features of all current cases, and we are certain that this case will be as big of hit as the other two. If you have any questions or comments about this case, send 'em Cole's way.

33.  Q. Future Questions Here-

A. In closing, I would like to personally thank each and every one of you. If I could fly to everyone's house and personally deliver these cases to all interested buyers I would. Because when I set out to make the case, my goal was not to get rich, and it still isn't. Its to feel the utter and complete joy knowing that you, the overclockers and power users, the corporate users looking for something out of the ordinary, the average user that appreciates good quality products. It's you who I set out to satisfy. I hope I've done that to the best of my abilities, I'll continue to strive to make your purchase of my product a lifelong satisfaction agreement between the both of us. I'm not trying to sell you a product that you'll want to replace, I'm trying to sell you a product that stays with you for years, and one that you're happy to own and recommend to your friends and family.

I am not out to make a product that is designed for mainstream use, I am striving to satisfy a need in the market, for a quality aluminum pc chassis.

I thank you all for reading this FAQ, and as always, if you have any questions please feel free to direct them to the e-mail addresses listed at the top of this FAQ.

Best of Luck to each and every one of you and thank you again so much for your continued support, without it, I may have never took the next step to having this made, but your thanks, and your questions and your answers and your help have made all the difference in the world to me.

Matthew Stiltner Vice President J & J Plating Company Toledo, OH 43605 Ph-419-691-5612


Matthew Stiltner President Faraday Cases

Edited by Cole Dudley - I am cool, buy my stuff at CaseEtc! Buy Aluminum cases, we are both cool!

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