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Gallery of Modded Cases

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pic 3. by ihateu3
pic 4. by ihateu3
I think I am done....: Here it is, I did all the work myself (including painting of front drives and ZIP250 bezel) let me know what ya think. By srayne44 Enermax black server case FS710-B SY-K7V Dragon+ XP1800 (Not OCed yet) Thermaltake Volcano7 (with adjustable fan) Crucial 256MB 2100 X3 (all slots filled!) Asus 8200 Gforce3 Lite On 24X10X40 Burner Lite On DVD IBM 40GB Seagate 40GB Iomega ZIP250 Onboard 10/100 NIC Turtle Beach Sound (IMHO Kicks anything Creative makes) I/O Flex 1394 Firewire DigtialDoc5 Sky Hawk Front Panel Dell Black keyboard $6.00 what a deal..... MS Intellmouse optical WinXPPRO Crap load of fans....... CPU Idle 34C Benchmark testing 40C Now I can't afford a black monitor to go with it......that will be a few months (years) away.......
Next Pict I guess I will have to post the picts 1 by 1 by srayne44
Next1 Pict by srayne44
Next Pict by srayne44
Last by srayne44
Finished... For Now Got window added and 2 case fans.. Working on Leds for front. By Mohawk
My case My case is as follows: Antec SX1040 W/enermax 330w ps Custom Cut side window Green cold cathode custom green LED in front door custom switches 3.5" bay for fan/lighting control Wind: 4 80mm fans 1 120mm fan (top) 2 PS fans 2 CPU fans 1 chipset fan 1 grfx chipset fan 4 HDD cooler fans! for a total of 15 fans! Hope you enjoy the pics! ~The "Jazzman" -Athlon1200 on ABIT KT7A -512MB PC133 -40GB Maxtor HDD by Jazzman
one more pic of the interior. by Jazzman ~The "Jazzman" -Athlon1200 on ABIT KT7A -512MB PC133 -40GB Maxtor HDD
Pics of my Mod: MSI KT3 Ultra Deluxe 1800+ XP o/c'd to 2000+ XP 512 PC2100 DDR 40GB HD 40X CD-RW DVD By Playa4Life
More pics another pic By Playa4Life
side view One more with side By Playa4Life
My work of weird, sick, derranged ART! I'm N2 and i'm new here. this is the Purple Screamin' Meanie i have spent.... way too much! Time taken: still workin. these are generic cases to save money for more HDD's etc... This is an Athlon XP1600+@1.5Ghz Thermalright AX7 w/Delta fan and AS3 grease 512Mb PC2100 Nanya DDR MSI GeForce3 Ti 128Mb DDR w/ 270Gb 7200rpms of real estate total. i took a plasma cutter and hacked her up. then i took a mig welder and tacked in expanded steel grate. made some paint and coated it 15x added a light, hinges, connected the PSU's etc... MUCH more to come, believe that! this is her first displaying. she's LOUD as HELL and it's my first mod. -=Gonzo Beyondo=- by N2
A daytime look... sorry so huge i'll fix that next time.. thought i did already?? anyways, i'm a n00b, i'm allowed. -=Gonzo Beyondo=- by N2
another view of it lookin rough. wait till im done -=Gonzo Beyondo=- by N2
My Case Mod: Hello all!! Well, this is my first case mod. Nothing fancy, but I think it came out nice, and I'm glad I didn't screw anything up!! All parts were purchase here (paint, window kit, applique, blue cathode, and wire loom). Hope you like it. If you want to see a couple more pics... please visit the link below. Again, nothing crazy, just a couple pics of the case. By juniorbean
Here's my case in the works. Custom window self-made. Input welcome. Now let's see if i can get them to attach. By KBAR
Here's the other pic. By KBAR
Case Mods with Reed Switches These are featured in our recent mod article on using reed switches in computers:

Related Items: | Case Mods Sections | Case Mods Forum | Case Mods Contests | Add Your Own Mod Picture to our Gallery |

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