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Mushkin Blackline 16GB (2x8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 1600MHz (PC3-12800) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory 997112, 9-9-9-24, 1.35V, w/ Ridgeback Heatsink
Mushkin Blackline 16GB (2x8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 1600MHz (PC3-1280...
Only $95.99

vitalASC KB10KA-S Ultra Slim Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard, for iPad, iPhone and Other Mobile Devices
vitalASC KB10KA-S Ultra Slim Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard, for iPad...
Only $15.99

Logitech 920-003402 Keyboard Case for iPad 2 Wireless Keyboard, Refurbished
Logitech 920-003402 Keyboard Case for iPad 2 Wireless Keyboar...
Only $15.99

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If you are new to, here are some links to pages that may help you to get started...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Tech Support
Advantages of Registered Users and Help on Registration/Login
How to Compare and Choose Components
Checklist for Building a Customized System
Known Bugs on Our Web Site
Frequently Made Errors

On this page, we'll explain:

How to Find an Item at
How to Add Items to Shopping Basket
How to Fill out Shipping Form (First Order Page)
How to Fill out Billing Form (Second Order Page)
How to Get Your Order Confirmation
How to Get Services after Sales

How to Find Something at
From the home page, there are a couple of ways to find what you want:
  • All pages have direct links on the left column to different Categories of products. Click the category; you'll see Sections classified according to product specifications and manufacturers. Click the Section, you'll see the title and price of individual items. Click the item, you'll see the item description, specification, image, price and an Add to Cart button. Along with the navigation bars on the left-side column, we list many shortcuts and text links to top seller sections on our home page. Use the screen search function (Control "F") to find a category on our home page.
  • The entire website is searchable! The Search window at the top right corner of our website, no matter where you are in it. Enter keyword(s) and click the Search Button beside the banner at the top of our website. There you will also find some helpful hints on how to conduct a successful search.
  • Using our new advanced search engine, you can also type in the part codes of your product if you know what it is or have seen it through other sources like google or yahoo search. Typing in the part code will give you a directed search to that product, or products with a partial match on the product code. has several ways to help you navigate through our pages. Near the bottom of most items, there are links to different Sections of items belonging to the same category. The lower section of each page except the home page has instructions and links to some common areas such as What's New and Free Stuff. Of course, you can also use the Back and Forward buttons on your browser.

If you don't find the item you are looking for, contact us. We may have that item in stock in our wholesale warehouse, but haven't placed it in our catalog.

How to Add Items to Shopping Basket
Buying from is easy and secure. You don't have to fill out a registration form or download software to shop here. And when you place an order, you can feel confident that our secure server protects your credit card information.

For every in-stock item, there will be an Add to Cart button next to the price of that item. This button adds the item to your shopping basket. If you don't see the Add to Cart button on an item, it probably means that item is out of stock and may become available again in the future. If you want to know the status of that item, please e-mail us.

Click here to take a look at a picture of the shopping basket.

Putting something in your shopping basket does not commit you to buying it. After you put something in your shopping basket, you can choose to place the order immediately by clicking the Place Order button, or continue shopping by clicking the Keep Shopping button. The Register button allows you to register your shipping information and e-mail address with us so that you do not need to re-enter such information next time. Your registered information is not shared with any third party and promises sending promotional e-mails no more than once per month.

You can put as many items as you want in your shopping basket. When you're finished and want to place the order, you can get back to your shopping basket by clicking on the Show Shopping Cart button from any page on the left column.

You can order from multiple browsers simultaneously in one Yahoo! customer log-in, but the items will be contained in separate Shopping Baskets. The items in the Shopping Basket can be saved for as long as you like before ordering.

NOTE: If you click on the Place Order button and get no response, it is probably because you can't connect securely to our server. As a test, try going to If you can't connect securely to Microsoft either, then You have a very, very old browser, in which case you should upgrade. If you are behind a corporate firewall that won't allow secure connections, ask your network administrator to fix it, or order from home.

How to Place an Order The First Order Page (Shipping Form)
Once you verify the item(s) and quantity in your shopping basket and are ready to place an order, click the Place Order button. It will take you to the First Order Page (Shipping Form), where you enter your shipping information. Filling out this form does not commit you to buying the item(s) yet.

Click here to take a look at a picture of the Shipping Form.

Besides those on the top of this page, here are some additional instructions on how to fill out this form:

1. Review your order from

Double check the item IDs, options, descriptions, quantity and price. If necessary, use the Back button on your browser to go back to your shopping basket to change your order. Your shipping charge and tax if applicable will be shown in the next order page.

2. Choose the shipping address

This is where you enter the shipping address to which you want your items to be shipped. Keep in mind that this address may not be the same as your credit card address, which you will enter in the Second Order Page. Enter your home phone number here. Enter a day-time phone number in the next section.

3. Choose shipping options for

These are Shipping Options available from
  • UPS Ground Residential: Most inexpensive way to ship to residential house and apartment addresses. Arrival date depends on your distance from Houston, Texas and is not guaranteed. See a UPS map for estimated arrival date.
  • UPS Ground Commercial: Most inexpensive way to ship to business addresses. Arrival date is not guaranteed.
    3-Day Select (UPS) : Ground shipping, guaranteed to arrive in 3-days.
  • 2-Day Air (UPS) : Air shipping guaranteed to arrive in 2 days.
  • Next-Day Air (UPS) : Air shipping guaranteed to arrive the next day.
  • USPS: Use US Postal Service only for APO, FPO, Commonwealth, and PO Box addresses. USPS is normally more expensive than UPS. One or two-day delay may occur because we have to drop off the packages.
  • Pickup: If you live in Houston area you can pick up your order to avoid shipping charge. We encourage every one to place the order online before picking up to avoid waiting time. Shipping will not be charged.
  • Federal Express 3-Day: We recommend this method for systems. FedEx is normally more expensive than UPS. One-day delay may occur because we have to call FedEx to schedule a pickup.
Note: If you do not want your package left at your doorsteps by a UPS driver, you must add "Adult Signature Required" option to your shopping basket.

Please leave a day-time phone number in case we need to contact you by phone regarding your order. A working phone number is one of many important ways for us to verify an order, especially new orders larger than $399. We may call your phone number(s) to verify your information. You must have a working phone number for us to process orders larger than $699. If no working phone number is supplied, additional verification must be supplied via FAX.

You may return to by clicking the Do Not Order button. Should you decide to cancel your order, please contact us to let us know why so that we can improve our services to earn your business next time.

If you missed any required information in the form or the information you typed is invalid, the system will return an Order Submission Error and ask you to Try Again.

How to Place an Order. The Second Order Page (Billing Information)
Click here to take a look at a picture of the Billing Information Form.

1. Review your order from

Your shipping charge and tax if applicable are shown on this page. The shipping charge is correct 98% of the time. However, due to complexity of calculation, our system does sometimes make errors in calculating shipping. In such situations, we would make manual adjustments to your order total. If you have any question about your shipping charge, please leave a note in the Comment section of this page. We may consider adjusting the shipping charge accordingly.

You have one more chance to check the item IDs, descriptions, quantities, and prices. If you have a problem, you can still use the Back button on your browser to go back to your shopping basket to change your order.

2. Choose the billing address

Click Same button if your billing address is the same as the shipping address. Otherwise fill out this form. Make sure your billing address is consistent with what is on your credit card record. uses Address Verification System (AVS) to check the address and zip code. If a bad address or bad zip code is entered we will have to contact you to verify the credit card information before shipping, which may delay your order.

3. Enter billing info

In order for you to receive an e-mail confirmation for your order and shipment, you must have a valid e-mail address.

We strongly suggest customers check the checkbox for Yahoo evaluation e-mail. If you check this checkbox, Yahoo will send you an e-mail two weeks after the order is placed to rate for our services. offers special prizes including complete PIII-450MHz systems, DVD drives, and others to those who participate in the survey and forward their comments to

4. Choose a payment method for now accepts the following payment methods:

American Express:
Diner's Club:
Discover Card:
Master Card:

Credit Card via Phone: Order online but call us to give us your credit card number. We'll supply you with a toll-free number once a confirmed order is placed.
Prepay w/ cashier's check: Order online and send your check to us by mail. Your order will be shipped after the check is received (cashier's check or money order) or after it clears the bank (personal check)
Purchase Order: Allowed only for government agencies, academic institutions, and Fortune 1000 companies. Dated and signed account application is required prior to the order. Fax your PO to 713-773-9393.

Once you finish entering the payment information, you may place a firm order by clicking the Yes: Place Order button. Our computer will then conduct an on-line authorization for your credit card to check to see if the credit card number is valid and whether there are enough funds available for this transaction. Once authorized, the total amount plus 10% is allocated for this transaction. Please note that your credit card is NOT charged yet after the on-line authorization. Your credit card will be charged only manually after your order is received, verified, and processed. The actual amount charged is normally the order total. The extra 10% authorized is for situations when adjustment to the order is necessary such as more items are added following your order.

You may still cancel this order by clicking the No: Do Not Order button. Should you decide to cancel your order, please contact us to let us know why so that we can improve our services to gain your business next time.

Order Confirmation
After you click the Yes: Place Order button, you will see an Order Confirmation page.

You should print a copy of this Order Confirmation for your record. Click the black Continue button. It will take you to a Thank You note. Do not click the Back button on your browser from this page since this may cause you to place the identical order twice.

An e-mail confirmation is also sent to your e-mail address within one minute. The e-mail confirmation contains all your order details except your credit card number for security reasons. Click here for an example of the e-mail confirmation.

Both the on-line and e-mail confirmations give you a chance to check your order details to see if there is any error. If you find any problem, please contact us right away to have us correct the problem immediately before the order is processed.

Your orders are typically processed in the next business hour. We'll contact you if we have any problem with your order. Most orders are shipped on the same day if received before 5:00PM CST, Monday to Friday, or next business day if received after 5:00PM CST or during the weekend hours.

Once your order is sent by e-mail to our process center in Houston, will send you a second confirmation to inform you that your order is now received in our processing center for processing. This confirmation also gives you more information on how to contact us should such a need arises.

Once an order is shipped, you will receive another e-mail confirmation directly from UPS. Currently the shipping confirmation is not available for other non-UPS shipping methods.

After-Sale Services
Expect the best customer services after you place an order with! That's what differentiates us from the rest of them. See how our customers view our services. See our Contact Information page to contact us before or after the sales. Here are links to our common company policies:

| Policies | Quality | Warranty | Return | Price & Tax | Payment | Credit |
| Shipping | Discrepancy | Support | Y2K | Copyright | Replacement |
| Cancellation | Privacy | Goto Top | Home |

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