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Instruction Sheet for STK 768C Mid-Tower

Instruction Sheet for STK 768C Mid-Tower

Contributed by Tim Hulmes

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The following advice is based on many years of experience. They are provided as a free service to our customers and visitors. However, is not responsible for any damage as a result of following any of these advice. You are welcome to distribute these tips free to your friends and associates as long as it's not for commercial purposes.

Inspect Case:

Check case for all parts and any damage. Inspect power supply to make sure it is securely attached to the case and at the correct voltage setting for you area, 110V for USA/Canada and 220V outside US.

Preparing Case for installation:

Remove right side of case by removing screw and squeezing the top tab and bottom tab and side off (See photo 1.)

Lay case on its side so the open side is facing up. Install the U clips into square holes corresponding to your motherboards type. Holes A for ATX and B for AT. Remove the faceplate holes that correspond with the connectors on your motherboard (See photo 2.)

Install Motherboard:

Orient the motherboard in the case so the connectors are facing the back of the case (See photo 3.)

Align the connectors with the faceplate and the mounting holes in the U clips. Use the provided screws to screw motherboard into place. Connect the power connector to the motherboard. For ATX this is a large 20-wire connector and AT is 2 large 6-wire connectors (See Photo 4.)

Connect the Power switch to the motherboard.
Connect the reset switch to the motherboard.
Connect the power LED to the motherboard.
Connect the hard drive LED to the motherboard.
Connect the PC speaker to the motherboard.

Removing and Remounting the Front Bezel:

There are four tabs holding the front bezel in place. Two tabs on the top of the bezel located 2 inched from each side and two tabs in the side of the bezel located 2 inches from the bottom. To remove the bezel apply slight pressure on the side tabs and pull. The bezel will not be able to be removed fully until you apply pressure on the top tabs and pull. To reinsert bezel align the 4 tabs with the corresponding holes in the case and push until all tabs click into place.

Install Floppy Drive:

To install the floppy drive you need to remove the faceplate from the floppy drive. Insert a floppy disk into the drive so the eject button is out. Install the wiry and rail on the side of the floppy drive that faces the permanent side of the case. Slide the floppy into the bay and line up the first screw hole with the first hole in that Bay (See photo 5.) Screw the drive in place and test the eject button.

Note: Any drives going in the 3 1/2 bays will need the wiry and rail installed on one side to keep the drive in place. Screws will then only need to be installed on the open side.

Install Hard Drive:

First install wiry and rail on the side of the hard drive that will be facing the permanent side of the case. Slide the hard drive into the bay and screw into place. Make sure to use all 4 screws when mounting the hard drive.

Install CDROM Drive:

From inside the case push out the bay cover for the bay you want the drive installed in. Slide the drive into the bay from the front of the case. Screw into place.

Attach Cables:

Attach the power supply cables to all drives. The smaller cable is for floppy drives and the larger cables are for other drives.

Install PC Cards:

Remove slot covers. There is one screw that holds these in place. Insert card into corresponding motherboard slot and replace screw.

Final Preparation:

Inspect all items and connections. Make sure all screw are in place and secure. Replace case side and install screws. Plug in power chord.

WARNING: The ATX power supply may not operate unless a working motherboard, processor, memory, video card, and at least one drive are plugged in. Some power supplies are designed not to operate unless they have a minimum load on them. If your system does not power up, it may not suggest a defective power supply, but indicate a problem somewhere else.

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