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Installation Guide for Vantec VA4-C7040 "Aeroflow" Heatsink for Socket A/370 Motherboards

Installation Guide for Vantec VA4-C7040 "Aeroflow" Heatsink for Socket A/370 Motherboards

Contributed by Erick Provost

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The following advice is based on many years of experience. They are provided as a free service to our customers and visitors. However, is not responsible for any damage as a result of following any of these advice. You are welcome to distribute these tips free to your friends and associates as long as it's not for commercial purposes.

This guide is for informational purposes and should be followed as closely as possible in order to properly install the Vantec "Aeroflow" on all Socket A and Socket 370 motherboards.

Before beginning, user is suggested to remove PSU (Power Supply Unit) from case due to case-size restrictions (in most Mid-ATX cases). Installation of heatsink unit is made much easier without PSU in place, especially in cases where PSU unit is directly above CPU socket.


1. First, clean the surface of the CPU and heatsink by applying isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) onto a q-tip and/or gauss pad (square cotton medical pad). Lightly scrub the core of the CPU (metal square in centre of CPU) – keeping application remote to core – as well as the bottom of the heatsink to remove any dirt particles. Allow to fully dry.

2. Next, apply thermal paste (included, labelled "thermal interface material") to CPU core – Artic Silver or other high-performance thermal paste may be substituted, at user’s discretion, for better heat-transfer performance between heatsink unit and CPU core.

NOTE: When applying thermal paste, verify that it is applied SPARINGLY, as it is used to fill the tiny gaps between the heatsink’s copper core and the CPU (due to naturally existent pores in materials). Use of credit card or business card is recommended to spread paste, as only a paper-thin layer is required.

Smaller tube included is thermal paste; bottom is Artic Silver 2, which has been applied to the CPU.

3. Install CPU on motherboard by lifting lever on side of CPU socket and placing CPU into slot, aligning coloured triangle on corner of CPU with base of lever. No pressure is required to install, as CPU "falls" into place. Once in, lower lever, thus securing CPU into place.

4. Turn heatsink over to see the indent in its base (see picture). This aligns with rim of CPU socket and allows for a flat installation of heatsink upon CPU core.

5. Heatsink uses 3-clip retention system, one side of which has a bracket allowing for the insertion of a Phillips-head screwdriver to aid in the placement of the retention clips upon the socket (as seen at left). Place heatsink upon CPU, remembering to align socket-rim with indent, and tilt,
pressing downwards upon retention clip (side without bracket) to align it to fit on to three protruding clips from socket.

6. Bring heatsink down over CPU, and place appropriately-sized Phillips-head screwdriver into bracket (where little slit is located). Apply downward force upon retention clip with screwdriver until all three clips have been hooked-onto. Verify that both sides of the heatsink are properly clipped on to socket using all three clips.

7. T.M.D. (Tip-Magnetic Driving) fan used on heatsink utilizes 3-pin Molex connector to plug-in directly to motherboard pin-header (labelled "CPU Fan" on motherboard and in owner's manual) with rpm-detection. Aeroflow DOES NOT necessitate a 3-to-4 pin Molex connector adapter, as wattage required by fan does not exceed 3.84 W, though user may wish to include 3-to-4 pin adapter with rpm detection.

Plug in heatsink using aforementioned 3-pin Molex connector into motherboard header, re-install PSU and plug in ATX connector to motherboard.

Tips: Due to the heatsink's 3-clip retention system, unit can be used on motherboards where a clip has been broken.

Package contents include heatsink with fan and tube of white thermal paste. A medium sized Phillips-head screwdriver is needed to properly install heatsink.

For heatsink to perform optimally, case must have sufficient cooling (including exhaust and intake fans).

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