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Click to enlargeN-Computing X300 3 User Expansion Kit, w/ An X300 PCI Card & Three Xtenda Multi-user Boxes

so: NComputing X300 3 User Expansion Kit, w/ X300 PCI Card and; 3 Xtenda Multi-user Boxes

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Only $231.98

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Part Number: PCI-X300

N-Computing X300 3 User Expansion Kit, w/ An X300 PCI Card & Three Xtenda Multi-user Boxes

Turn one desktop computer into four workstations!

How can a customer lower PC costs? Nowadays PCs feature powerful processing that is often not utilized. What if you could transfer that unused power to other users instead of giving them their own costly PCs? Now it is possible with X300 adapter that is able to to share one single computer at the same time among up to maximum of 7 people (with purchase of 2 adapters). A single adapter allows up to 4 people to share a PC (one user is using a computer while 3 others are connected through X300 terminals). Each of these 3 people only need a monitor, keyboard and a mouse (speakers/headphones may be connected as well). This very adapter successfully removes a need for separate PCs in large families, schools, libraries, computer labs, kiosks. Share files, run the same programs, maintain only a single PC, all this becomes possible with X300.

Each NComputing X300 kit enables you to add three users to an existing PC at a very low cost. Plus, with a purchase of two kits you can share a PC with up to seven users (six users connected through the X300 kits and one user working directly on the host PC). Each X300 kit includes a half-size PCI card and three access terminals (one for each user). The terminals connect to the PCI card via a standard Cat 6 STP cable that can be up to 10 meters (~33 feet) long. In addition to supplying the monitor, keyboard, mouse and audio signals to the terminal, the cable from the PCI card also supplies power eliminating the need for separate power adapters. If you require units that connect to the host PC over longer distances than 10 meters, consider the NComputing L Series Ethernet-based access terminals.

  • Each Xtenda X300 kit consists of an X300 PCI card, three Xtenda Multi-user Boxes, and our own proprietary software.
  • Hassle-free Maintenance: Since there is no CPU, memory, or hard drive, no additional hardware or software maintenance is required. The host PC is the only device that requires maintenance. Simultaneous Windows and Linux operation: Both the Host PC and the Xtenda Multi Boxes can run independently of each other and execute the same applications separately.
  • Compatibility: The Xtenda X300 will run most Windows and Linux based applications with virtually zero compatibility issues; full-screen streaming, internet browsing, email, office suites and much more. Supports monitors and displays: 800 x 600 (75Hz)/1024 x 768 (60Hz) 16-bit color (65,536 colors).
  • Secure and fast: NComputing proprietary Terminal Protocol allows for a fast and secure environment using image caching and other exciting technologies.
  • Space Saving: Users have more elbow room just using multi box of cigarette box size.
  • This product is intended to reduce H/W deployment and maintenance costs. Additional software licenses may be required by the software licensors. Please check your software user license agreement to ensure your continued compliance with such agreement. The NComputing Terminal Server software comes with free of charge and 14 month free internet update service. After 14 months from the date of registration, to get most recent version of terminal server software, customer may need to buy extended subscription membership from website or local distributor.

    Specifications: RESOLUTIONS: 1024 x 768 (60Hz). 800 x 600 (75Hz). 16-bit color (65,536 colors). CONNECTORS: (2) PS/2 ports (keyboard & mouse). (1) 15-pin VGA monitor port. (1) RJ45 (Xtend PCI card connection port). O/S SUPPORT: Windows XP Home/Pro, Windows 2000 Pro, Windows XP Media Center and Linux. DIMENSIONS: Xtenda PCI Card: 4.8"w x 2.6"h. (Low Profile) with PCI standard bracket. Xtenda Multibox: 4.4"w x 2.6"h x 1.12"d.

    This item is RoHS compliant. to find out more about RoHS, please Click here for more information.

    Limited Warranty: One year from invoice date with 30-Day money back from receiving date with 15% restocking fee for non-defective returns. No credit or refund after 30 days. Customer is responsible for returning defective products including DOA due to manufacturer unless testing is paid before shipping. (Alice-080107)

    : This device is ideal for many applications such as schools, libraries, low-needs computing environments such as secretories/offices, and showrooms. We have seen it implemented in hundreds and thousands in public schools. One can add a workstation for only $66 per station plus the costs of the peripherals such as monitor, keyboard, and mouse. To further save costs, recycled peripherals can be used.

    Advantages: (1) Using the hardware without loading the software, this product allows one to extend the computer monitor up to four on one desktop. In other words, for the same price, one can expand the monitor from one to four - a great deal in comparison with the costs of buying a four-head video card. (2) Each station has totally different login/user interface. Each station can have different wallpaper, Outlook/Outlook Express account, instant messenger account, etc. Yes it means that each station can check their own gmail, Yahoo mail, or hotmail. They can use the same instant messenger to chat to each other. All the personal preferences will be saved onto each workstation. Each station will also have its own "My Document" folders that won't be shared by others unless specified. Each station can log-in on their own Active Directory or do their own online testing. (3) The PCI card has 3 video chipsets to allow 16-bit color video for each station. It also has separate sound chips. This means that each station can play the same game with their own actions and sound track. (4) Only one cable (normal network cable) between the desktop and each workstation. Three 15-foot network cables are included with each box. (5) Included in the package is the monitoring software from the desktop to show and limit activites on the extension stations. For example, the desktop computer can be used by a teacher while the exapnsion stations can be used by his or her students. The teacher can track what websites the students are accessing from his or her computer. (6) Only a slightly powerful desktop computer is needed for the main desktop - regardless of the brands. (7) Each station comsumbes only 5 watt power (in comparison with 150w or more on a CPU). This device is a great energy saver. (8) It will significantly cut the maintenance costs with much fewer desktop computer. The X300 extenda does not have any moving parts to deal with.

    Why do you need that many computers in the library? If the computers are used mostly just for web browsing, checking emails, and some word processing, this product is ideal in replacing all of those desktops - a great saving in total purchase price.

    Some Drawbacks: (1) This desktop extension device is powerful enough for most applications; however, its limitation becomes obvious for video-heavy applications such as full-screen video. If one of the extension stations works on a full-screen video, it slows down other workstations as well. To avoid this problem, work on high-end graphics only on the main desktop. (2) Only PS2 mouse is accepted. USB adapter does not work. Currently there is a very limited choice on PS2 optical mouse. One example is the logitech. (3) Storage devices such as optical drives/floppy/card readers on the desktop are shared by all extension stations, unless external devices are used together with the USB version of this product. One alternative is to have a USB extension cable from the desktop to each work station. Each USB port can be programed so that it is accessible only by that workstation. (4) Only 16-bit color video and 1024x768 resolution. (5) The distance between the workstation and the desktop is limited to 30 feet. However, this limitation can be overcome by the L200 and L120 models, which can extend the workstation across the network and routers. (6) You are limited to 1-6 extensions per desktop. The L models allow you to have up to 30 extensions.

    Notes: (1) You must have an open, either full-height or half-height PCI slot available on the desktop to use this product. The PCI card itself is half height although the bracket is full-height. (2) The desktop should be as powerful as possible although today's most new computers are more than adequate. (3) If one doesn't need to share their PC, you can instead use the X300 as an inexpensive way to add additional displays to your machine. Before full software configuration is done for the device, the individual boxes and card can instead be used to add 3 monitors to a PC, although you still have the limitation of 1024x768 @ 16bit color per monitor. Although this purpose isn't the intended operation of the device, it is still handy in some situations.

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