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Everything from full towers to small form factor designs.

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Computer Cases

Cases are often the only part of a computer that’s seen (or not seen), so we have a wide variety so you can select exactly how simple or aggressive your case can look. We offer cases in many sizes like mini ITX, micro ITX, mid-towers, and full-towers. This means you can have a small case for a media PC, a medium case for your PC, or a large case for a server or gaming PC. We also offer windowed cases so you can show off those performance parts, LED lights, cathode tubes, and that water cooling you worked so hard to set up.

Like all electronics, computers get hot. Especially when you’re streaming Netflix or gaming for hours on end. We’ve got a giant selection of case fans for every need on your PC. From 30mm fans to 250mm fans, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got quiet fans, thin fans, LED lighted fans in every color on the spectrum, static pressure fans for liquid cooling, and high CFM fans for pushing more air through your computer than a turbine on a jet engine (almost). We also have fan controllers that allow you to manipulate their speed to be quiet, give performance, or anywhere in-between.