CFISD Recognizes Directron Employees David Boss and Diego Ruiz on thier PunchOut and Procurement System Work

This week Directron / Prime Systems was featured on the CFISD Technology Services page for the integration of our PunchOut system with their finance software suite, SunGard eFinancePLUS. For the past several months the Directron team, partnered with PunchOut2Go, has coordinated with CFISD to produce a highly customized storefront, product catalog, and order process to accommodate specific procurement needs of the district.

Our PunchOut storefront customization began with a custom catalog that separated all products into two main categories based on specific funds being utilized along with product and device asset tag requirements. We then started an extensive development process to replace the manual creation of delivery tickets by the district with an automation method that is estimated to save 20 man hours per week for their employees.

As CFISD plans to move to a fully automated order and delivery process, we will continue to improve and optimize the customer experience of the PunchOut order procedure to accommodate any needs the district may have. We are proud of our team leading the development and business process for PunchOut which includes Bo Wells, David Boss, Diego Ruiz, Hector Gonzales, Johnny Chen, and Quinn Zhu.

- The Directron Team