Choosing an interactive flat panel for your classroom? Here’s what you need to know!

You've heard about the benefits of interactive technology in the classroom, and are ready to experience them firsthand, but now comes the hard part: deciding which interactive flat panel (IFP) to choose. Here are some factors to consider.

What’s the size of your classroom?

To be visually effective, your IFP should be big enough to be seen from any area in the classroom, and all students should be able to easily read 20-point type. A 65" or 70" display will be fine for smaller classrooms, while a 79" display will better serve students sitting over 20 feet away.

What topic do you teach in class?

This determines the level of resolution you should look for. The higher the resolution, the greater the clarity and readability. Any subject area with detailed images such as geographic maps, scientific diagrams or comparison charts will be easier to study with a high resolution - ideally 4K HD.

How many students are in your class?

Since the whole point of an IFP is interactivity, you want to make sure the entire class has a chance to get involved, and that comes down to the number of touch points. If an IFP has 20 touch points, for instance, 20 students can engage with a stylus or 10 students can each use two fingers.

Student Health is a topic worth studying

Touching spreads germs, so look for a bacteria-resistant screen. Then there's eye health. Anti-glare glass minimizes light reflections and improves readability, while technologies that minimize blue light and flicker will help reduce eye fatigue.

The end of class shouldn't mean the end of learning.

A "data-to-go" feature lets students capture the day's learning and take it with them, typically through QR code. Then they can easily review their collective work and lessons from the day.

Make sure that it all fits together

You'll want your IFP to work well with existing classroom technology, so consider the physical interface and software compatibility. The easier it is to introduce a new learning solution such as an IFP, the more you can focus on the teaching process.

Don't forget life after the sale

Now is the time to think about your post-sales service. You'll likely be better served by a U.S.-based service team than having to deal with a faraway call center. Also look beyond a parts-only warranty and consider the value of an onsite warranty plan.


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